News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- March 2018

Hi Readers 10,000 miles and I've arrived in my 7th country, sunny Portugal.

I'll be hunting down the famous Piri Piri chicken and catching the odd sardine.
Both of which I am rather partial to.

Our plan is to drive north up the coast, as much as we can, and visit lots of beaches. 
This pleases me greatly as I am very very fond of sand and sea. I also need to warm my bones after a week in the Sierra Nevada. 
It dropped to -11°c there, can you believe that?! I had to wear double jumpers (although this did entertain the other dogs present who remained naked).

Regardless of our dressed state, hounds ran freely amongst the children and skiers. 
Piste zooms, sledging and snowball fights where enjoyed by all.... well apart from the poor German man who's lunch ended up covered in snow. What a lark we had!

My favourite morning, however, was spent in the ski hire shop. 
The owner's friends had galgos so I was ushered in like a celebrity. Taking up prime spot on the carpet I greeted all who entered, from giddy toddlers to moody teenagers and their slope competitive parents. I could have stayed all day!

Sadly even at sub zero temperatures the Spanish need a siesta and the shop shut. Oh well, it was still an ideal morning.

Dozza x