News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- December 2017

Well Readers my last report was from up in the Scottish Highlands, a splendidly hilly place.
I am now in Belgium which is decidedly flatter. 

So flat Readers, that it's like being in Norfolk, only with waffles and I LOVE waffles!

Anyway we visited family briefly in England before boarding LeShuttle again to Calais.

I have to say the Eurotunnel is very easy for a hound. I can stay in the van with my humans (a must as I have to keep an eye on them) and my ticket only costs £18.
There are no passport checks for me however much I wave my documents and you're in France in half an hour.

This time we drove the couple of hours directly to Belgium and Bruges as I fancied a waffle.
Did I mention that I like waffles?
Rather handily there is a caravan site walkable to Bruges so we spent the day there.

Pretty houses, canals, bars with heaters and, of course waffles!
It really is smashing.
Not many dogs around though Readers, maybe they are all home guarding waffle machines? I know I would be.

So Belgium has got off to a great start but we won't be here long as most van sites are closed and we are off to Germany.
Pretzels and Christmas markets await....


(This photo is my waffle face!)