In the kitchen
Left Over Omelette Recipe

Note from Fred and Tess:
Our recent recipe, not baking but something we help our Dad make quite a bit! .
Back to baking next month! Merry Christmas.

Slice of cooked turkey
Handful of cooked chipolatas
1 cooked Yorkshire pudding
Handful of cooked brussel sprouts and carrots
2 eggs

1) Crack eggs into a jug and mix together.

2) Heat a little oil in a frying pan and add the egg mixture into the pan.

3) Once the egg mixture looks like the underneath is cooked, add the remainder of the ingredients and cook for two more minutes

4) Turn half the omelette over to cover the other half of the omelette and cook for two more minutes

5) Leave to cool then tuck in.


There is never any left to store