In the kitchen
Allotment Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

Note from Fred & Tess:

This is called allotment strawberry as Mum can't grow strawberries in our garden as we would eat them before they were ripe! BOL!
You can use any fruit.

For the Frozen Yoghurt-
200g halved strawberries (green top cut off)
750g plain yoghurt
1 tbsp runny honey.

To Decorate (one dish) -
Handful of halved strawberries
One banana, sliced in half lengthways
Handful of doggy chocolate drops
Mum's best banana split dishes

1) Blitz the strawberries in a blender, then add the honey and blitz again.

2) Add the yogurt and mix together until blended. Poor into a freezer safe dish and let it freeze.

3) Once frozen, you can eat the frozen yoghurt. Though you can eat it before it is frozen! BOL!
We like ours made into a doggy-banana-split (our Dad is the best as Mum never makes us one, it is always Dad).
Arrange the cut banana on a dish, and add frozen yoghurt to the middle of the banana.
Decorate with halved strawberries and the doggy chocolate.

4) Wolf it down and be careful of greedy guts little sister's that body-slam you out of the way to get to yours!

No idea, we make sure there is none left to store BOL!