IREENUO Dog Stroller 
Repawter: Fred Woods

My pawrents bought me a ‘Fred Mobile 2020’ from the jungle website and whilst I was being pushed around in it, I thought I would do a review. 

Product Review:
IREENUO Dog Stroller 


Date Bought:
23 September 2020 

Brief Description:
The IREENUO dog stroller is designed for injured, old or sick dogs. For easy storage and transport, the stroller folds down. The stroller is designed for medium and large dogs with a max load of 60kg 

Whilst I am willing to walk for miles, my bones can’t manage to walk for long. We were due to go for our annual holiday to Warkworth, but Mum and Dad wondered how I would cope with not being able to walk far. 
I did some research and selected the IREENUO Dog Stroller. The stroller was also recommended by Ernie the Spaniel’s mum, Nicole, so we decided to order it. Dad said the stroller was relatively easy to figure out how to build it, and a dawdle when you know what you are doing.  

With the 360 rotatable front wheels and large rear wheels, the stroller adapts to different types of surfaces very well. Dad said push the stroller as a wheelchair rather than a pram and if the kerb is not dropped then you have to pull the stroller backwards over the kerb.
Nicole also mentioned that the stroller can be attached to a push bike. The stroller does take up room in the boot of the car.

We used the stroller every day and Mum and Dad said it was worth the money. We went round, Amble and Alnwick in the rain and whilst the stroller isn’t waterproof, I was not too wet and didn’t end up looking like ‘drowned rats’ as Mum, Dad and Tess did. The main structure of the stroller is made from high-strength stainless steel tube and PVC fabric. The stroller is anti-vibration and provides shock absorption and good stability. For comfort, Mum bought me a dog bed to lie on inside.  

The stroller has big windows which allows you to say hello and get treats. It also has storage pockets at the back for treats. The stroller is roomy inside.
Mum would put some of her shopping inside, though she didn’t believe me when I said I wouldn’t eat the pies and scones from the market! 

Whilst the stroller was bought for our holiday, Mum and Dad said we will also use it when needed at home. 

9/10 Paws (it would get 10 but we have only used it for a week). 

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