1st April 2018

Cuddlepillar - By Rolohound

There is a new craze taking the hound world by storm.
In recent months hounds have been insisting on the new toy from their hoomans called the caterpillar also know as cuddlepillars.

He cost £24.99

Date Bought:
March 2018

Brief Description:
He is a happy chap with a big smile on his face & is all soft & cuddles you back with his many legs.
He is about 5ft in length when at full stretch so about the same size as mum.
He is not specifically a hound toy so care needs to be taken if you are a bit rough with your toys.

My caterpillar came from a well known toy shop, yes the shop where little hoo’s get their toys.
It is good fun though when the assistant asks dad if he needs any help & dad had to say he was buying it for his 12 1\2 year old greyhound.
The assistant said they are also good draught excluders so a great multi purpose buy.
He stretches out long & can easily take over your beds.
Just like us hounds though he can curl up small and give you big hugs and keep you warm.

Overall Rating:
I like to cuddle him mainly but when I think the hoo’s ain’t watching I will give him a good shake.
I love his bright multi coloured body which compliments my complexion.
I have given mine his own name and he is called Crunchie, like the chocolate bar, which is great for a Rolo.
So what are you all waiting for? Get your hoo’s to get you one today and start cuddling your new friend.
Be quick as stores are selling out fast!
If you are on social media you can find loads of #cuddlepillar #cuddlepillarclub fun too.

Thanks Rolo

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