Repawter Duke
-May 2020

Greyhound Trust, Hall Green Kennels, Dog Show

As we are still in lockdown, I thought I would repawt on one of my previous adventures.

Here is my repawt from the Greyhound Trust’s Hall Green Watford Gap Kennels Open Day and dog show from 2019.
Saturday 14th September I went to the Watford gap branch of Hall Green Kennels Open Day and dog show. v They had volunteers on radios guiding you to the field to park as it is only a single track into the Kennels.
They had kennel tours to view the 21 dogs. A show rink with lots of novelty classes.  I came 3rd in the sausage catching class who knew I was a sausage snapper! Star came 2nd in the veteran class.

There were lots of stalls around the field
- toy tombola, pink fluffy kitty Collars, groom room (cutting nails), cake stand, book stand, Hall Green Merchandise Stand, guess the name of the big bear toy and a large caterpillar, agility and a photo shoot (family shoots with the dog, solo dog and action zoomie shots) 

There was also a hounds that need homing parade including this handsome chap

They made a great announcement that 2 dogs had been reserved from the show.

After the show we went off to the pub so the hoomans could have some food.

For me, all I wanted was a sleep. This repawting is so exhausting !

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