March means Crufts, the biggest dog show that I know of.

It is held in the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre.

It has been recorded that over 160, 000 humans and 27,000 dogs attend Crufts each year.

A little known fact is that after the show there is around 350kg of fur to clear up.
Bet your humans feel better after finding a few of your hairs lying around BOL!

This year it was held on the 8th to the 13th March.

I was unable to attend Crufts but I was able to contact Miss StarHound who did attend.
Thank you Miss StarHound for the interview.

Tell me a bit about yourself
I’m a 9 year old greyhound living in Birmingham with my brother Rolo @RoloHound.

I too have a Twitter account @MissStarhound I like promoting greyhounds at meet and greets and the hounds of Twitter family.

Why did you visit Crufts?
I visited Crufts Thursday 8th March with my hoomans.

It was also my hoodads birthday that day.

My visit was for business as I was on the greyhound stand in the discover dogs section in Hall 3.

I was on the stand getting lots of cuddles from visitors from 08.30-11.00.
More importantly while I gave cuddles the hoomans talked to hoomans that were thinking about homing a greyhound, a man in London and a family in Wales.

Have you been before? If so how many times?
I’ve been on the discover dogs stand 4 times before.
Each year I get a visit from a lady from Scotland that has a greyhound but likes to get her hound fix whilst at Crufts.

What was your favourite moment of Crufts?
This was definitely chilling out on the sofa at the Greyhound trust stand in Hall 1 .
I was tired after discover dogs and then shopping at over 400 doggie shops.
I also found another nice bed on a stall that I made myself comfortable on.

What was your funniest moment at Crufts?
This was when I was being filmed being fed some treats.
It was funny as they took my lead off and my hoomans were having heart failure thinking I was going to run off and do laps of the NEC and cause chaos.

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