Repawter Duke
- October 2019

Chatsworth County Fair
So on Saturday 31st August I went to my first Chatsworth Country Fair. It was day 2 of the 3 day show.

Star is a veteran of the show having been many times before. There were rows and rows of shopping stands selling food, clothes, gadgets, furniture. That's just for hoomans there are also stands for us hounds selling collars, treats, dog beds and toys. There was also a veterinary College and Derby College stalls.

The hoomans kept getting distracted by the sky. First a World War II spitfire was doing a fly by but then a bit later men were falling from the sky It was the The Poppy Parachute Team

I also got fed some gravy bones from the lovely staff at the Peak District Foundation whilst hoodad signed up for updates about the Peak District.

By this time it was lunchtime so hoomans went to the dog friendly area up at the Carriages restaurant. Star and I did what greyhounds do best crashed out on the floor.

After lunch we walked back to the main show but looking at all the lovely vintage cars. Jaguars, Rolls Royce's, Morgan's, Austin's and many more....

Then there was more distractions from the Sky this time it was the Global Stars Aerobatics Team

Then it was into the food village where Hoodad had some funny coloured water Amazingly it was cider and not beer like he normally drinks - Apple Pie flavour and Hoomom got brought a bottle of Bakewell Pudding Cider.

I did get excited when I saw some big tools. I am DIY Duke after all !!

As well as all the things I did there was also have a go at crossbow target range, clay pigeon shooting, archery and fly fishing. They also have a fun dog show, demonstrations from the national Lurcher & racing club as well as gundog scurries.

By this time we were all tired so headed back to the car.
I definitely want to return next year to the show - 4-6th September 2020.


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