Repawter Duke
- April 2020

The greatest dog show Crufts 2020 came to Birmingham on the 5-8th March 2020.
Just inside hall 3 were these massive letters

Star and I Went on the Thursday (Toy and Utility Dogs) and the Sunday (Terrier and Hounds Day). After visiting the logo Star and I went a short distance to the Greyhound booth on Discover dogs. For a greyhound like me it’s to offer cuddles, leans and generally look cute. For the humans it is to answer any questions the public may have about how to home a hound, like are we good with other animals, children and issues regarding collars, harnesses and even about my bald bum.

The hoomans sent many people to their friends at Dorwest herbs who do many tablets and herbal medicines that can help with anxiety, skin and coat problems and joint issues.

Whilst on the discover dogs stand a lady came to ask if we could go to the Crufts Logo to be in the scene with Claire Balding filming the start of Crufts. Unfortunately Star was by some naughty dogs and it meant she wouldn’t settle. So if you saw the programme you may have seen her bottom.

After my time on the Discover dogs stand it was rude not to go shopping at the 400+ stands that are at Crufts.
I went to the Core dog food stand and tasted some of their treats they were nommie.

I also tried for the first time some biltong specially for dogs. As you can see by the photo I loved it.
Hoomans got some training treats and some biltong topper that Star has when she is fussy and doesn’t want to eat her food.

Whilst at Crufts the hoomans also watched agility, flyball and saw some of the other channel 4 articles being filmed.

I can’t wait until next years Crufts 2021 which is 11-14th March.


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