Repawter Duke
-June 2020

Repawter: Duke
So we are into our 8th week of lockdown and your hoomans may be at home with us hounds more. So I wanted to talk about a subject dear to my heart lounging about.

Greyhounds have been described as the cats of the dog world and can sleep for up to 18 hours of the day.
With the warmer weather you may leave your bed indoors and take your lounging outside - the grass is the natural bed.

Other options are a bed on the grass or a raised bed bed can keep you off the hot grass or concrete.

But prolonged time out in the sun makes you hot.
So a umbrella like a sports brolly can be portable and have good ultra violet protection.
This red one is UVP protection 50. With it being portable it can be put in the car for holidays or days out.

When out on walks sitting under the shade of the tree can help cool you down.

Other good things for outdoor lounging is water bowls outside but keep it topped up otherwise the birds drink when you are asleep or a travel water bowl whilst out on walkies.

So enjoy your lounging and snoozing.
Join me next month for my summer days survival kit.

Love and licks

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