Repawter Duke
-July 2020

So lockdown has meant many hoomans have been working from home and in my case means I can go out in the garden when I want to.

Being a black dog I get hot quickly so shade is important. We don’t have many trees so our sports Brolly has been excellent.

It’s got a 50 UPF rating protections so it cool under it. It’s also big enough for the hoomans to sit under it and comes with a carrying case and guide ropes to hold it on place .
Star is also on a raised bed which means she isn’t on the hot grass.

Whilst talking about beds you can get cool mats that have a cold texture to them. But they do need turning over every hour or they get too hot.

That’s also the same with cooling coats that you wet they have to be removed and re-soaked. Star and I also have a towelling jackets that has our names on them and can have bottles of water tipped onto it.

There are also shammy leather like products or fitted T-shirt’s that can be soaked.
But if you aren’t sure how warm it’s going to be then the smaller cool product could be useful such as the chill out bandana. The bandana is more compact can soaked stored in a sandwich bag and taken in a backpack.

Dogs can get sunburnt and heatstroke so it’s worth protecting our coats. This can be done either with a wipe or a spray that is easy to reapply throughout a day.

If it’s warm when you go out it can be used a good chance to apply these products so it doesn’t go on bedding, jackets or gets rubbed off.

But it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. It may not be possible to find a water bowl  so my hoomans have a cool water carrier. (K9 water bottle)
The advantage being the wide nose make it easy to get my pointy into. The bottle can be clipped to a rucksack or in a carrying sling.

You can also get water carriers with a flip over the bottle but I didn’t get on with it or a roll on ball that you can fit to a water bottle that releases the water then licked.

But if you do get too warm then you need to cool down.

Chill out do a good range of toys that can be soaked in water and as you squeeze and bite them the water drips out.

For me I do love an ice cream for dogs and there are many dog friendly ice cream makes out there.

My favourite make is The Frozzy range - frozen dog friendly yoghurt.
Many dog friendly cafes and some national trust properties now stock them.  

The good thing with these is they are hard and a good lick. My predecessor Rolo used a frozzy to take his mind off thunder storms and other hounds I know use them for travel anxiety.  

But failing that a hose down outside is good and an opportunity to have you coat washed and brushed.

So enjoy your summer and stay cool


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