Repawter Duke
- October 2020

Hi Pals,
I want to tell you about my visit to the National Trust Kinver Edge and the Rock Houses. 

After a 45 minutes drive the car got parked on a layby in a wooded area. Then I spotted my girlfriend Luna and her hoomans. The visit was prebooked for 11am and we showed our tickets to the lady in the ticket booth. The hoomans thought she had popped out of her shed so called her shed women for the rest of the day.  It was quite a quick walk down a field then a step walk up to the rock houses.

The houses are carved into the red sandstone making them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  
These houses are among the finest in Europe lived in from 1617 until the national trust were gifted them in 1967. 

The rooms have been restored to how they used to be lived in with kitchens and bedrooms. In 1861 eleven families 44 people lived in the houses.
We stopped and had a group hound photo in one of the door fronts. 

Post group shot we walked up the slope to the tea room where the hoomans had a coffee and us hounds got some treats. 

We walked back to the cars and decided what walk to do. They have coloured markers and 3 trails to follow -

1.  woodland trail (orange)
1 mile 45 minutes

2. Heartland Trail (red)
1 mile allow 1 hour

3. Rock House Trail (purple)
3 mile circuit allow 2.5 hours.

We decided on the woodland trail that is classed as medium difficulty, some steep slopes and steps. It went through woods and up to a way marker stone (Toposcope).
Up there we came across a number of locals.

They were very friendly and ignored us. From this point there was some amazing panoramic views and on a clear day 5 counties can be seen.

I stood in the middle to allow the hoomans to socially distance. A slow walk down some steep steps we sent the hoodads to get the picnic.
Before having our picnic we got our national trust passport signed by Shed women.
Although she was on a teabreak so is it was shedman who stamped it for is. 

There are also loads of other walks to do in the area. It’s well worth a visit.

Until next time 
Love and licks 

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