Repawter Duke
- November 2020

Hi Pals,

So both my hoomans have been working through this horrible virus thing and needed a holiday. A week was booked in South Norfolk/Suffolk border.

We couldn't get into the accommodation until 4pm so it was decided to get the most of the 1st day of the holiday. So tickets were booked to visit Wimpole National Trust

My hoomans visited 2 years ago with my predecessor Rolo .  
Two big changes were a massive new big car park with 20 electric charging points. Plus a big new visitors welcome centre.

The house was shut so we set about a walk around the estate. Over the fields past a lovely lake and the up the hill to the folley. 

On the estate is wild geese, ducks and sheep. The weather was hot and sunny 23c so we were glad when we were heading down to the house. So I took the opportunity to have a lie down. 

Unfortunately we couldn't visit the walled garden or see the cottage. But we did have a good look around the gift shop where I got my visitors passport stamped.
Then into the car and off for a weeks holiday. 

Keep safe
Love and licks 

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