Repawter Duke
- April 2021
This is about my trip to Shugborough Estate national trust, Staffordshire.

Those that read my column in Tigger Club News will know I have already done an article for the paper before about a trip with my girlfriend Luna.  
But like a park a national trust property or estate can be visited on multiple occasions.  
On this visit the hoomans decided that we would do the Hadrian’s arch walk.  
The walk started off walking past a way out sign. 
I was confused thinking I've just got here why am I leaving already.  
After crossing the bridge I spotted the sign for Hadrian’s arch. 

It’s a steep but short walk up to the arch where you can see a great view of the estate and admire the impressive arch.  
Then down the slop to gate. I then had a lovely view of 50 plus deer.  

Walking down the estate we went through a gate and left to walk round the lake. Halfway round the lake we came across some lovely willow sculptures. 

Before continuing on the path to cross the bridge by the Chinese house.  

Before heading into the formal gardens with topiary (trimmed hedges) and a great view of the rear of the house.  

We had a quick stop so the hoomans could use the toilet block.  
What's wrong with a bush?  
In normal times by the toilets near the mansion is another cafe with a dog friendly covered out building and the shop but sadly closed at the moment.  
On the way back to farmyard area hoodad spotted a great sign on the gate post  

The QR code took you to this link 
Which tells you all about visiting Shugborough with your dog.  
The path leads past a covered building currently being refurbished up to the farmyard cafe which is open for take away drinks, cake and pasties.  
The first part of this walk was not disabled friendly but the estate has designated mobility parking in the main car park.  
Accessible parkland walkway.   
Adaptive toilets and depending on your mobility a buggy service from the car park to the mansion of mobility scooters that can be pre booked in advance.  
It's well worth a visit and one of my favourite places to visit.  
Until next time  
Love and licks  
Duke x  

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