Repawter Duke
- June 2021
This is about my visit to Micah's Tearooms and my review

The start of May I spent the week in Northumberland staying in a cottage just outside Morpeth.
I wanted to tell you about a lovely cafe I found called Micah’s Tearoom. The good part is it's in Grey’s yard.

Due to the pandemic it’s been the garden experience only that's limited to 10 people.
The courtyard has been covered by a canopy and had lovely cushions and blankets on the chairs

I visited with my lovely friends the owners of Treats2Sit4 Steph & Paul.
We sample 2 pots of tea and 2 hot chocolates along with cakes lemon drizzle, Victoria sponge and mint aero cheesecake.

The hot chocolates have the choice of milk or dark chocolate with a choice of toppings - honeycomb, fudge pieces, salted caramel, marshmallows, white chocolate chips then fresh cream and a syrup. Yum yum!

Whilst the hoomans were tucking into the cake and drinks Star and I chilled out.

The good news from 22nd May the cafe opens up fully. If you are in Morpeth then go for the best coffee and teas in town and the lovely food.  
There are also 2 great pet shops in Morpeth.
Until next time
Love and licks

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