Product Review - Camel Hide Chew
Repawter: Duke

I'm a dog that loves to chew on something.
I've tried all the normal treats pigs ears, cow ears, pizzles. My hoomans got me something different camel hide chews

Green&Wild’s Camel hide chew


Date Bought:
July 2021

Brief Description:
Strips of dried camel hide

The good news is they are 100% natural, hypoallergenic and gluten free. Plus they contain no rawhide. A lot has been said about rawhide and how it can be difficult for dogs to digest and can cause blockages. 
So my hoomans try to avoid it.

For my tasting I also involved my girlfriend Luna

As you can see they are long and need a crossed paw technique to hold them in place. Greyhounds are not very good at chewing their food so chewing a treat can help clean our teeth.

It tasted good and took both Luna and I about 20 minutes to eat one.

My pack had 3 in it from a local farm shop but the hoomans have looked on the Ibone and found them at online at £4.99 and £5.02

9/10 Paws

I would recommend them. Happy chewing

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