Duke does market shopping
Repawter: Duke

I do like a plod around a market I often get lots of pats and hugs from other shoppers. The hoomans had ordered Star a doggie afternoon tea from our friends Marge and Mabel’s homemade dog treats
So on a Sunday morning we set off to Chesterfield Artisan Farmers Market.

It’s held the last Sunday of each mont at 10.00-3.30 in the main market square. We had a nice surprise as hoodad parked the car on a free roadside space as the permits and parking meters don’t apply on a Sunday.

We were pleasantly surprised to see our friend from Bakewell market The Cookie Stop he makes lovely soft cookies £1.20 each of 5 for £5. Hoomans went for the 5 (????) lemon drizzle and double chocolate chip are favourites.
The market itself is on old wooden stalls in rows.

Along with cookies you can buy local meat cheese and beer, pies, cakes, coffee to name a few and my favourite dog treats.

Julie the lovely owner gave us some salmon and scrambled egg muffin to try. We also collected Stars 13th birthday tea. Julie who takes great photos that she puts on the Facebook page

Whilst in Chesterfield we went to see the famous twisted church spire
The hoomans have only ever seen it from a distance it was lovely. Hoodad was disappointed as the dog friendly real ale bar opposite the church wasn't open yet.

If you are around the Chesterfield area on the last Sunday I would recommend it. We then popped back into the car and had the afternoon walking round Chatsworth house gardens.

Until next time
- love and licks Duke xx




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