Duke visits the cows about Cambridge
Repawter: Duke

Hi Pals,
I went to a new City - why you ask well it was to look for cows - The Cows About Cambridge 2021 Trail.  Not only was it my first time there but neither of my hoomans or Star had been there before.

Sir Issac Mooton was the first cow we found.

Across Cambridge there was 44 large cows and 45 small cows from 28th June - 4 September 2021. The trail was free organised by Wild In Art (wildinart.co.uk) to help you explore the city. Artists from the region and further afield came together with leading businesses to create colourful and thoughtful designs. The small cows the mini moos were done by school pupils and community groups.

Hoomans  drove to the park and ride (£3 per adult) which meant we got to travel on a bus. The cows were outside of buildings, in parks and some of the smaller ones were in shop windows or in mini herds in shopping centre.

To help you find them there is a trail map and an app to downloaded to the ibone.

One of hoodads favourites was this one Four-Four-moo as the colours are the same as his football team Wolves

On the app when you clicked on a cow that you found it gave you rewards - money off travel or food.

We got to the park and ride at 10 left at 5pm after finding 53 of the 89.
An exhausting but fun day. I like these trails apparently hoomans want to got to Norfolk in 2022 to find T-Rex and Mammoths.

Until next time
Love and licks
Duke xx

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