Charlecote Park Easter Egg Hunt
Repawter: Duke

This is a repawt about my Good Friday Adventures at Charlecote Park.
Charlecote Park is a Victorian Home set in a landscaped deer park in Stratford, Warwickshire.

A quick stroll from the car park crossed the road and then to little tents doing house timed tickets but more importantly tickets for the Easter egg hunt.

The tickets were £3 each and come with a map with 8 blank squares in to write down the letters to name the Easter bunny’s baby brother. To be prepared I studied the egg map and the site map.

Once I was happy where we needed to go we set off following the path and seeing some of the local wildlife.
We were looking for signs that were egg shaped and then looking for the letter to fill in on the form.

The posters encourage you to do things. I like the leap about like a lamb one!
I normally do that pre walk but hoodad calls me a kangaroo so maybe I jump higher.
On the way to another letter there was more wildlife.

The trails was great fun as it took you around the gardens and some great views of the house.

After finding all of the boxes we went into the gardens and found some static people.

Next to the static people there were some benches and in the shade so the hoomans had lunch whilst we got some dried sausages. Hoodad went into the house first that has been in the Lucy family for over 900 years.

For the children they had to try and find the cuddly deer hidden in the rooms.
They also have out buildings to explore. Hoodad definitely liked this one. The Brewery !!

Talking of beers the shop sells some local beers so hoodad got 2. Hoodad came out of the house to see that we had relaxed.

Hoomom went to look at the house and when she came back it was time to get the chocolate egg after we told them what the bunnies name was …… it’s a secret !

I did see this sign in the park.

I thought that’s a shame I haven’t seen any antlers but then bingo!

Overall the park and house were good with lots of dog poo bins across the grounds and staff that were fast to say hi to Star and I.
The egg hunt was also on Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday.


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