1st September 2019

Magnetic Door Curtains

My human bought a magnetic door curtain/screen from a local well known discount shop .

Magnetic door screen


Date Bought:
August 2019

Brief Description:
They are a pair of net curtains that you fix to a door opening.
The two curtains are joined in the middle vertically by several magnets.

Fitting them:
Do not be fooled. They look innocent enough and quite easy to install. Read on...

They come with 6 Velcro strips and a box of pins.

There is also a one sheet guide that consists of a few basic drawings and vague directions.

I was a bit puzzled by the Velcro strips and pins, however I continued to direct my human to put them up.

The first thing that becomes clear is that they are much bigger than the size of the door.
Does my human cut them to size or do a series of folds to make them fit?

We went for the fold and fit to start with using the Velcro strips.

For the first few days I was very wary of them.
So my humans had to get up to let me in and out.

After a few days I still needed to be let out but could come back in myself.
The clicking of the magnets snapping back together was the main reason I was having issues.

Pretty soon I was able to run in and out without any problems, sort of BOL!

The sticky back Velcro strips were starting to fail a bit after about a week so my human tried to use the pins provided. They are not the easiest to stick into the door frame. Plus when I push trough the net, the net seems to just pull away from them very easily.

I must admit we are still having a few teething problems.
One example is that I ran indoors like a tornado and tore through the kitchen and arrived in the middle of the sitting room looking like a B movie ghost draped with sheets!
I thought it was funny but my human didn’t appear as amused. BOL!

3/10 Paws
As an alternative to having nothing, the net does a good job of keeping the flies out, well most of them, when you can get the curtains to stay fixed around the door frame.
However if you intend to use the doorway, be prepared for a lot of fiddling around to re-hang the curtains several times a day.

The curtains are starting to look very shabby along the bottom and at the sides where they have continually come away from the door frame while going through it.

We are continuing to struggle along with it until we can find the plastic strips or beads version to see if that works any better.
Or should I say, survive at lurcher sized tornado constantly running through BOL!

Tags: Product Testing