1st June 2020

Kong Impact Toy

Kong Impact Toy


Date Bought:
July 2019

Brief Description:
This is a squishy toy that has the feel of tennis ball material on the outside.
When squishing it, it becomes clear that there are several layers of material to give some resistance and a feeling of robustness.
However as it had the tennis ball material on the outside, it was not rated very high on the survival expectations by my humans.

I was excited by the size and texture of the toy.
I bit into it as hard as I could and was quite surprised to find a squeak in the very centre of the toy. Also much to my human’s delight it was not a loud annoying squeak.

I set about biting, chewing and throwing the toy about as I expected it to last the usual 3 to 5 minutes of ‘testing’.
However after a good 20 to 30 minutes I had to have a drink and a lie down !!

I do have to warn you that it is quite weighty, so any throwing and bouncing may result in fragile things being broken.
I have had my toy several months now and I still have not destroyed it. The squeaky still works too. Amazing!
The tennis ball outer material is starting to look a bit shabby now but don’t be fooled, it is still intact. I love the fact the stitching has not come apart either..

Overall Tigger Rating:
10/10 Paws

The look is great, the texture is great and the squeaky still lives!
I do not give perfect marks very often, but kong have made a pawsome toy that has survived the Tigger test.

Well done !


Tags: Product Testing