Woof Glider

My other human bought me a Woof Glider from a local supermarket.

Woof Glider


Date Bought:
March 2020

Brief Description:
A toy that is intended to glide on any surface. It has a rubber dome shaped top with a squeaky inside and a hard smooth plastic base. It is heavier than I expected.

Looking at the toy it is claimed and designed so that it should slide across any surface and not damage anything it bounces off.
The slide aspect is not a smooth sailing as advertised.
Thicker carpets will provide some resistance and slow the toy down. Thinners carpets and wood flooring will allow the toy to slide easily.

The actual review consisted of my human sliding it once across the carpet (slid okay on the medium thickness carpet)
I pounced on it like a lurcher possessed !
Bit and picked it up by the dome, which gave out a pitiful squealing/squeaking noise and never made a sound again.

I flipped it over with my nose and grabbed it in my mouth and bit down on it to break it open - as you do.
It survived the chomp down and my human took it off me to slide across the carpet again.

I dived on it with absolute enthusiasm and flip/grabbed it in my mouth again,. Then flung it across the room like an Olympian throwing a discus.
Thankfully it narrowly missed anything fragile...then my human took it off me.
That was the end of the Woof Glider and it's review BOL!

2/10 Paws

So definitely not lurcher proof or safe. £12.99 for less than 2 minutes - not good for me or my human’s budget.

It may be suitable for smaller dogs that play much gentler than me and do not have a need to destroy toys in seconds. .

Tags: Product Testing