1st June 2019

Small Human Inflatable Travel Bed

My other human saw this in a shop and bought it for me.

The inflatable bed is supposed to be used as a travel bed for small humans.


Date Bought:
April 2019

Brief Description:
Inflatable outer sides with a separate inflatable inner mattress.
There is a manual pump included in the box.

There is loads of entertainment available for this item. From the moment they got it out of the box I was helpless with laughter. Not only was it bigger than they imagined, the size is on the box, but the whole relay race between them to inflate both parts was thoroughly entertaining.

Although it could have easily been left a lot longer, my humans re-inflate my new bed every 10 to 14 days. Even with it only being half inflated it was still surprisingly comfortable. You can get your humans to vary how much they inflate both parts, which can provide varying degrees of firmness. I have a quilt thrown over it to give a bit of protection from drooling and accidental claw damage.

Caution must be taken during crazed zoomies as it does seem to survive high speed bouncing, but it does tend to travel around the room as a high speed zoomie can suddenly turn into a bobsleigh ride !!

This is a surprisingly tough item. The material is pretty sturdy and has survived some half hearted bed digging. I would not advise getting one if you are a dedicated bed digger.

Overall Tigger Rating:
I would give this 7 out of 10. It is pretty tough and very comfortable. I feel it is great value for money.
The only downside is that it is far too large for me. If they made one half the size it would be brilliant

After a month of use and it taking up a large part of the room, my human tried taking the outer inflatable sides and just left me the mattress.
This is still more comfortable than lying on standard bedding but it lacks the sides I like lie up against and use as a pillow. I have told my humans to look out for one that is smaller so I can have my built in pillow back BOL!

Tags: Product Testing