1st March 2019

Blue Ring

My human bought this from a shop for me.

Not sure what the proper name is other than it is a blue ring.


Date Bought:
December 2015

Brief Description:
Blue middle thickness, slightly squishy ring.
Quite light so be careful when throwing it about as it goes everywhere.

This is a surprisingly tough toy. When I realised it was of softer squishy rubber I thought I could chew straight through it. Alas it has resisted and shows hardly any teeth marks at all with no signs of splitting or breaking.

I have nearly dragged my human across the floor when they were playing tuggy with me, so it is really strong for tuggy games.

Overall Tigger Rating:
I would give this toy 8 out of 10.
It is pretty tough.
It can be used as a tuggy toy, throwing about or just chewing.

Although, as you can see in the picture, I may have had a playtime fail with it BOL.

Tags: Toys, Product Testing