Tigger Investigates... Insect Dog Food

One of my readers (thanks Olly)told me about dog food made out of insects.
They also suggested that I should buy some to review and let everyone know what it tastes like.

So after some sniffing around I managed to contact Dolly, the top dog at Yora Petfoods that produce dog food made out of insects.
Dolly was happy to be interviewed and even nose bumped her staff to send me out a complimentary bag of food to taste and review.
Woo Hoo!

The interview:

Why insects?
Insects are one of the most underused sources of protein in the west, they have been part of the natural human and animal food chain since the dawn of time, they've just gone out of fashion and we are bringing it back!

Not only are our grubs super delicious they are also an excellent source of protein, fats and minerals.
All required to make sure us pets are super healthy! The main reason we use grubs is because of their sustainable status.

Most farm animals are fed grain and crops that need large amounts of energy and land to grow... our grubs are fed leftover food waste, and they use a tiny fraction of the energy, water and land compared to traditional farming methods.

Where do you source your insects?
(Visions of staff running through fields frantically waving giant nets around)

Our insects are farmed at an ultra-high tech farm in Holland, they're raised in special chambers that mimic their natural environment and they grow at a phenomenal rate!

A single teaspoon of insect eggs turns into about 100kg of protein in just 2 weeks.
The best bit is once they've worked their way through all that leftover vegetable matter, what's left over is an incredible fertiliser that can be used to grow more crops!

Are the insects added whole?
(visions of staff cutting the meat off a cricket)

Our grubs are 14 days old when we use them for Yora, they are in their pre pupae stage so look a bit like short gummy worms.

We use whole grubs, a grub meal - which is made from dried ground grubs, and insect fat which is super high in Omega 3 and 6 and wonderfully nourishing. But customers don't need to worry, it looks just like regular dog food when it's in the bowl :)

As insects are tiny, does that mean I have to eat tons to get the same calorific value for my daily requirements?
Not at all... a kilo of our grubs would have roughly the same amount of protein as a kilo of chicken, only in our opinion it's a lot more animal friendly because we're saving all those chickens!

Will it be safe for animals with dietary restrictions?
We actually recommend it for dogs with delicate tums.

Many pet owners have got in touch to say that it has worked wonders on their pets who have a conventional meat allergy.
Because insects are a novel protein source animals have not had an opportunity to develop an intolerance to it and its actually easier to digest than chicken.
We would always recommend you check the ingredients if your pet has an allergy to make sure they aren’t eating anything they shouldn’t be.

Does it taste like insects?
Yes it does, and it turns out that dogs absolutely love the taste!
If you want to know, the grubs have a slightly mushroomy taste.

Are there any other things added?
Yes, we have blended nutritious slow release carbohydrate sources like potatoes and oats, along with carrots, beetroot, seaweed and natural botanicals.

“Each ingredient added benefits the dog” says our expert Nutritionist, Will.

Do you have different flavours? Or will you be adding different flavours?
We are working on a range of new flavours, we also have treats and Cat food on the way so keep your eyes peeled for updates on our social media channels and website.
*Cough - and my pawsome newspaper and website too - Tigger*

Is there any other important information you would like mentioned?
Yora is an all breeds complete food that does not require supplementation however that’s not say that the occasional treat and chew wouldn’t go amiss!