Dental Treat Ball

Repawter: Duke

TreatTricks 2-in-1 Dental Treat Ball
by Natura Nurish 

£8 (Pets at Home) 

Date Bought:
May 2020

Brief Description:
A hard bright coloured heavy duty rubber ball with 8 holes to insert dental treat spikes into. 

The spikes sticking out make it a toy to chew.
Once the nommy spikes have been eaten It becomes a ball to chase after. 

The spikes once the ends are eaten can be pushed  into the toy and will then drop out when chasing the ball. 

Much as I tried I couldn’t pull the spikes out so I enjoyed the fact they can drop out of the bottom when used as a ball. 

The spikes are textured to help clean the teeth.
Plus they can be brought as a refill pack £6 for 32 in either chicken or beef flavour.

Hey you could buy a pack of each and have a mix and match. 

The spikes themselves are 100% digestible as well as having omega-3, glucosamine and vitamins in the ingredients. 

I had the ball version but you can also get bone, dinosaur, hedgehog or crocodile shapes(other shapes may be dearer up to £10). 

10/10 paws
For me it ticks all the boxes various flavoured treats and a ball. 

I will confess I did have the bone shaped toy to distract me in the car. But I lost it ..... oops. 
(Dropped out of the door) 

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