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Hairy rabbit ear treat

50p each
As well as eating these, I stock and sell them on my website.

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Brief Description:
They are exactly as the name describes. Dried rabbit ears that still have the fur on.

They can range in size and colour

They are used as a treat and given whole.
They are suitable for dogs and puppies over 12 weeks.
It is always best to give treats and any foodstuff with plenty of fresh drinking water available .

Along with being a healthy treat hairy rabbit ears are also known to be a natural wormer and good for helping to clean teeth.

A lot of humans have heard this but are not actually sure about the whole what and why.

So here is a brief description of how eating a hairy rabbit ear works.

In the mouth:
Crunching down and tearing at the treat will give teeth a bit of brushing and help scrape any plaque or prevent plaque from forming.
Although this will not replace proper daily teeth brushing.

- Think of a human flossing BOL!

On the way through the system:
The fur is not digested by the dog when it is consumed and is a great source of fibre.

Now fibre is another word some humans hear and are not too sure about either.

Fibre is a foodstuff that passes through the digestive system while ‘brushing’ the surface of the intestines.

This not only clears any food debris that has stuck to the sides, but also any critters too.

This not only helps to keep the system clean, it also enables the digestive system to absorb more nutrients from food.

- Think of a chimney sweep’s brush BOL!

The other end:
Even after most food or treats are no longer useful, fibre has one last useful parting gift.
It keeps poop firm as it passes through and helps to express anal glands naturally.

- Nope you don’t need something to visualise BOL!

Although most humans would recoil in horror at the thought of letting us eat hairy rabbit ears, they are very important as part of our healthy diet.

I enjoy eating them and have at least two a week.

10/10 Paws
Although I may be seen as being biased as I sell these, but that is how I select my stock If I don’t like it then I won’t sell it.

This is such a tasty and healthy treat, I have to give it top paw marks

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