Product Review:
Beef tail treat

Product Review:
Beef Tails

£ 1.50 each
£10.00 for 250g
As well as eating these, I stock and sell them on my website.

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Brief Description:
They are exactly as the name describes. Sections of dried beef tails.

They can range in thickness but are usually cut into approximately 140cm lengths.

They are used as a treat and given whole.

They are suitable for dogs and puppies over 12 weeks.
It is always best to give treats and any foodstuff with plenty of fresh drinking water available .
Along with being a healthy treat the beef tails are good for teething puppies as they are firm but not solid like bone.

Teething puppies can get the satisfaction of biting them and leaving their teeth prints in them, not to mention you humans having the possibility of un-chewed furniture (and other items) in the house BOL!

They are not at all a pongy treat, which is a bit of a disappointment to us, but your humans will be happy.

They can be used to help keep your teeth and gums clean.

They are a long lasting chew, unless you are a focused chewer, in which case they will not last as long.

They are also perfect for hiding in various random places in the house, although I would not recommend the not allowed bed as my humans get a bit disgusted at discovering them there BOL!

10/10 Paws
Although I may be seen as being biased as I sell these, but that is how I select my stock

This is such a tasty and healthy treat, I have to give it top paw marks

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