Product Review:

Teeth cleaning toy

My human bought a toy that helps keep my teeth clean from a well known local supermarket

Teeth cleaning toy


Date Bought:
April 2021

Brief Description:
This is a rigid rubber toy with several prongs with different surface shapes.
It is bright yellow, although I believe it can be in different colours.

I was excited to get the toy to try it out.

I set about biting, chewing and throwing the toy about.
After around 2 minutes my human rushed over to remove he toy from me.
There ended the testing process.
My human, being of hawkeye ability, had noticed I had almost chewed a big chunk off one of the prongs.

I would say that if you are not a determined chewer or a pup that is teething, this could be a good toy for you.

Until you have had it for a while, I would make sure you have your uman supervise you when you play with the toy for the first few times.
Also due to the positioning of the prongs, it could be good as a tug toy with your human or a pal.

5/10 Paws
As everyone knows I am very destructive with my toys, so although I managed to nearly destroy it in seconds, you may be able to enjoy the toy for a lot longer.

Which is why I gave it 5 out of 10 as I never actually managed to chew all of the way through the rubber before my human confiscated it.

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