Product Review:

Wobble Wag Toy

My human bought a toy from a well known local supermarket

Wobble Wag toy

Was £14.99 but was on special offer at £7.50 Woo Hoo!

Date Bought:
May 2021

Brief Description:
This is a rigid plastic ball with holes where noise makers have been inserted. The holes do have covers with tiny holes so that the noise makers can move about. It is light green with darker green stripes.

I was excited to get the toy to try it out.

I have to say at this point I was fully supervised while I played with it.
I established that due to its size and hard plastic cover, It has avoided my bite and crush attempts so far.

It makes funky noises at random times when rolling it around. This toy seems to entertain my humans as much as it entertains me.

It is a bit hard and heavy, so if you have anything fragile or are a bit concerned if it becomes a bit of a wrecking ball or the washing machine ends up with a few more dents in it, you may need to play with this outside.

8/10 Paws
I really love this toy,
I am not sure if it is the funky noises it makes or if it is because it is a ball, but I love pushing and chasing this around the house.

My humans have decided to take the toy away from me and only give it back to me when I can be supervised. This is because I really like it and historically if I am left with toys they sometimes fall apart unexpectedly when no one is around. BOL!

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