Product Review:
Raised dog bed with canopy

My human bought a raised bed with canopy for me to review from a well known local budget supermarket

Raised dog bed with canopy


Date Bought:
June 2021

Brief Description:
This is a lightweight metal framed canvas type of material raised dog bed with a detachable canopy

First of all it required assembly which means some additional entertainment watching my human try to assemble it.
I know there are very few parts to assemble, but believe me, my human is the world’s worst at assembling anything.

Look on the underside of the canvas bed fabric. One side is Velcro fastened and can be opened to make it easier to fit the last bar on to the base.
- No, my human never noticed until after a lot of struggling and muttering. BOL!

The base has tubular a metal frame with plastic connectors.
It does take my weight without any issues (21kg) but I would keep humans away from it and not let them sit or lie on it.

The canopy is made from two flexible rods that come in three parts each. Which are assembled and fed through the canopy, diagonally corner to corner. Similar to a tent construction.

The canopy is made from a thinner fabric from the bed and appears to possibly be shower proof.

The bed can be used either with or without the canopy.
I think it can be used both inside or outside as it is probably about the same size as my shed (crate).

It is lightweight enough that it could be taken and used on holiday too.

Personally I am still getting used to the canopy, so hopefully I will get to enjoy using it outside.
It is comfortable without the blanket, but as I am a digger, the blanket stops me trying to dig through the bed. BOL!.

9/10 Paws

I think this is a pawsome bed, and hopefully once I get used to it I will be using it a lot.

The one thing the manufacturer could have done to improve things was to include a carry bag to make it easier to take on adventures/holidays.

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