Product Review:
Large tennis ball

My human bought me two large tennis balls from a local Jollyes Store

Large tennis ball x 2

£1.50 each but when we paid, there was 50p off each - so we got both for £2.00 Woo Hoo!

Date Bought:
June 2021

Brief Description:
This is large tennis ball with the usual fuzzy feeling fabric on the outside. There are two colour options, there could even be more.
Much to my human’s relief there is no squeaky inside.
I think there is no squeaky, as it is very hard to squeeze.

What can I say, it is a tennis ball. Everyone should have a tennis ball or two BOL!
It gives hours of fun for me to play by myself or with my human.

If you are still in your destructive chewing stage, I would recommend supervision as the furry fabric can be shredded off the ball. Not to mention the ball underneath can be shredded too.

Thankfully I am pretty much out of my toy shredding stage and have had the ball for a while now.

10/10 Paws
It’s a tennis ball!
I mean what is better than a tennis ball? BOL!

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