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Car Hammock

I was given a car hammock by a Pal that had a spare. Which I thought was very kind of them.

Car hammock

Unknown as it was a gift

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Brief Description:
This is a waterproof fabric that is large enough to fit on the back seat of a car with four lots of straps with fasteners that go around two of the headrests in the back and the two headrests on the front seats.

Once installed it creates a large hammock area for me to get in and out of the car without getting it muddy or covered if fur.
To comply with UK law and also give my human a fair chance of being able to open the doors without me bolting into the distance, a spare lead it attached to the centre headrest in the back and fastened to my harness. I must point out that this is easy for me as I do not get up and walk around while the car is moving, so there is no risk of me getting myself wrapped up in the lead.

The hammock is a great idea as I get to see where we are going and I can keep an eye on my human and their driving skills, although watching them drive is probably not always a good thing BOL!

I am able to stand, sit or even stretch out in comfort. Especially as my human threw in a quilt for extra comfort.
I have used the hammock for short and long car rides and find it very comfortable for travelling in.
I could relax with a toy or a chew to keep me occupied during the journey, but I don’t really bother with treats or toys in the car.

There is some downsides to the hammock.

The hammock seems a bit big, but that may be resolved by shopping around to see if there are different sizes to try to get a better fitting one.

Foot well in the back:
This could be resolved with a better fitting hammock or if manufacturers made a few straps on the back of the hammock that a seatbelt could go through. When I get in or move around I find that if I stand on the hammock where the foot well is, it tends to move the whole hammock and I end up moving the whole hammock. Or as is usually the case, my human is driving and brakes a bit too quickly, I end up sliding forward, still in my quilt, where I end up like a life sized lurcher burrito.

Before anyone worries about me. I am able to get up and lie back on the seat myself, but I know I am quite safe and happily nestle there until we get to our destination or my human stops somewhere to straighten everything up again.

Some humans have plastic storage boxes in the foot well to stop the doggy burrito. Which also helps to provide extra storage for coats, leads and most importantly treats BOL!

9/10 Paws
If manufacturers added the back straps to hold the hammock more in place, I would definitely give it 10/10.

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