Product Review:
Treat Ball

My human bought me a new type of treat ball.

Treat ball


Date Bought:
September 2021

Brief Description:
This is a a strange toy to describe. Apart from it having many sides, it is made from a strange material. Sort of a mix of rubber, plastic, foam, spongy sort of thing.

It claims to be :
Treat Release
Tough and durable
No noise bounce
Kind on Teeth
Glow in the dark eye

It is available in yellow blue and pink, There was only pink in stock when I got there.

Treat release:
Yes it is a good treat release but your human will need to put bigger treats in as they come out a bit easy.

Tough and durable:
It is surprisingly light and squishy but firm art the same time. I tried giving it a few hard bites but despite my attempts it never ripped or got any holes.

No noise bounce:
Well it is a bit quieter on the actual bounce due to it being so light, but when it bounces off the washing machine it still gives a good noise. Plus if you bounce it along any surface with items on, it will definitely still make a noise BOL!

Kind on teeth:
This is quite strangely very true. I can bite it and it seems to give in to my bites, but seems to ‘push out’ my teeth marks after I stop playing with it.

Glow in the dark eye:
It is just the white bit where the treats come out that is supposed to glow. I am really disappointed in this part. Mine does not glow in the dark. If they had not mentioned it glowed, it would not have bothered me, but because they did, I feel a bit disappointed.

Yup! I can confirm after several landings in the sink it does definitely float. BOL!

I am definitely happy with this toy as it works well as a throw around and chew ball but also doubles up as a treat dispenser.

9/10 Paws
I am happy to give this a rating as I am very happy with the toy’s construction and the treat dispensing option

It loses a point as I think they need to work on how to keep the treats in to make me work a bit harder to get them out.

They also need to look at either getting rid of the glow in the dark piece or making sure it actually glows in the dark.

Other than that I think it is a pawsome toy to have in your toy box.

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