1st August 2017

Red Lobster

Red Lobster soft toy.


Date Bought:
June 2016

Brief Description:
Bright red thick cloth lobster with a squeaker in each claw and a third squeaker in the body.

Amazingly enough three weeks down the line, plus a bit of emergency stitching here and there, it is still in one piece.
Both the squeakers in the claws have been crushed beyond their ability to squeak but the body squeaker still works.
The actual damage has been where the seams have given a bit due to playing a bit rough with it.
It is easy for me to throw about while amusing myself and easy enough for my humans to throw too.
Although it is not waterproof so when it lands in the water bowl you need to be quick to get it out or everything will get splattered with water as you continue to play until it dries out.

Overall Tigger Rating:
I would give this toy 7 out of 10.
A bit more reinforced stitching and a better way to keep the squeakers working would definitely improve this toy.

Tags: Product Testing