1st August 2019

Shark, Crocodile and Lobster

My human bought these from a local well known discount shop for me.

Not sure what the proper name is other they are a shark, crocodile and a lobster.

£3.99 each

Date Bought: July 2019

Brief Description:
They are all soft toys with various squeakies throughout their bodies. They are all around 22 to 25 inches long and about 5 to 6 inches wide.

The Lobster:
The lobster is made of soft red material. There are 8 smaller squeakies in the body. Each sewn into their own little section.

The Crocodile:
The Crocodile is made of soft green material with blue edging alone the spine and on the toes. There is one large squeaky in the head and another in the tail . There are 8 smaller squeakies in the body. Each sewn into their own little section.

The Shark:
The Shark is made of soft black material with blue fins. There is a large squeaky in the head, which is super loud, and another large sueaky in the section before the tail fins. There are 4 smaller squeakies in the body. Each sewn into their own little section. The 3 fins on the head, one on top and one at each side, have some sort of crinkle material inside.

As I am now about 5 years old my toy shredding days are slowing down. So now I tend to play rough with any toys instead of instantly shredding them.

They are great for grabbing by the body and shaking them. Although I must warn you that due to their length, you will end up getting slapped in each side of the head while playing this way.

Some of the squeakies in the bodies of the toys have already failed the lurcher bite test and now give off a pitiful and nearly silent puff of air. Although the rest seem to be surviving quite well. The bigger squeakies all still squeak well and survive rapid squeezing, much to my human’s despair.

They can be thrown around but due to their size they are not very aerodynamic.

After a few landings in my water bowl, they have proved not to be water proof but do seem to dry out quite quickly.

One body section of the lobster has come away. My human quickly removed the squeaky for safety. I am not sure if that was me or just a case of manufacturing mistake. All of the other body sections in all of the toys are still firmly intact. So make sure your human checks regularly that the squeakers are not exposed. If they are, they can be removed and you can continue to enjoy the toy(s).

Overall Tigger Rating:
I would give these toys 9 out of 10 paws. They seem to be great value and have plenty of play opportunity when playing by myself and with my humans. They are even soft enough to lie on when I wear myself out. Although the squeakies will wake you up when you move BOL!

Tags: Product Testing