Toy Review:
Classic Large Kong - Red
Cost: £9.99

Classic Large Kong - Red


Date Bought:
March 2015

Brief Description:
Bright red heavy red cone shaped toy. Made out of really tough rubber and hollow in the centre with a large opening at one end and a small opening at the other.

This is a really good multi purpose toy that is a must for all dog toy boxes.
It can thrown by both myself or my humans and due to the cone shape it hits the ground and bounces off in all directions.

I can lie down and chew and slobber all over it and it seems to stand up to my rough chewing.

When I want to ‘woo woo’ either of my humans I grab the kong in my mouth and it becomes an awesome sound amplifier. I get to sound like a dinosaur.
My humans also fill it with various treats which takes me a while to get out.

There is an art to perfecting the rolling and dropping the kong to get the treats.

Overall Tigger Rating:
I would give this toy 9 out of 10 paws
With so many uses I think it is a must for all dogs.
I believe they have version for other animals too, such as cats and ferrets.