Toy Review:
Treat Ball
Cost: £6.99

My human bought a treat ball from a local pet store.

Treat Ball


Date Bought:
February 2015

Brief Description:
The treat ball is bright green and made from heavy duty thick rubber with a hole on each side. Where the holes are, there are flappy bits of thinner rubber that stop all of the treats falling out.

The ball can be used as a toy for throwing about and playing with.
It can also be used as an enrichment toy, otherwise known as a ‘give my human some peace’ toy. BOL!
Insert some dried treats that are small enough to fall out of the ball when it is rolled, but not too small that they all fall out in one pile.

As a toy, who doesn’t like a ball to chase and chew?
It has a great bounce although indoors it has too much of a great bounce at times, so care needs to be taken if your humans have any ornaments or objects likely to break.
As it is a pretty solid rubber ball it has stood up to some pretty serious chewing sessions. With the exception of the edges where the treats are inserted, it is almost nearly survived all attempts at shredding it.
This toy is also great for pushing around to get treats out of. It really does keep my occupied until the treats are all gone.

It even doubles up as a sound amplifier. Especially very late at night when welcoming my other human home from work with a very impressive and very amplified woo hoo! It’s lucky my neighbours think I am super cute BOL!

10/10 Paws
This is such a versatile and sturdy toy I am tempted to say it is almost Tigger proof of the destruction scale. 

The only problem is that after over four years of constant play it has suddenly and unexpectedly, well perhaps with a lot of determined chewing over the years, split to the point my human has removed it from me for safety reasons. 
I am currently trying to source a new one, which is not that easy as the store I got it from no longer sells it.

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