News from Dusty's Diary
December 2017

Hi Readers I am Dusty and I will be giving you monthly updates about my adventures.

On pancake day 2017, my life changed forever. I had been visited a few times by a strange lady who kept telling me how gorgeous I was, and then she left me in my kennel again, but this day I left the kennels and went to her house.

It was amazing, there were two sofas, a garden, a pile of squeaky toys, and best of all the Big Bed. I jumped straight on and claimed it as my own of course.

As I was very young when I found myself in rescue, I’m still I bit of a norty dog sometimes, I just can’t help myself!

It wasn’t long after I first came home that we went to a place mum loves called ‘Scottieland’.
I soon realised that in this fabulous place there are beautiful forests, deserted beaches, and most importantly, lots and lots of bunnies.

Another dog that had their human with them showed us a fabulous deserted field full of the blighters and I wore myself out dashing around.
The next day mum took me back to the field to burn off some energy and had just unclipped me, but to her horror saw a herd of cows coming over the hill.

She screamed at me to come back so loudly I didn’t dare ignore her and I’ve never seen her run so fast out of a field dragging me behind.

I couldn’t understand the problem, cows and bunnies are good to play with, right?!

Until next time.
Have a pawsome month