News from Dusty's Diary
April 2018

Hi Readers, There's been lots of odd things happening lately - lots of strange people coming into our house to look around and then leave it.

But most exciting was when my human took me into a strange half finished house to look round and she was all excited about these empty rooms...she says it might me our new home one day soon, so paws crossed cos it was near some amazing walkies!

We had lots of snow - in March, which I loved having a good roll and zoomie in!

The beast from the east washed up lots of octopus on the beaches near me, but I was good and didn't try to eat any of them, although they did look rather tasty.

We also had a fab trip away, to a beautiful part of Scotland, where strangely every peep she met was English BOL!

I had lots of runs on deserted beaches and snaffled a huge amount of sheep poo in one outing, so much she said I didn't deserve any dinner!

I disagreed, and said the sheep poop hadn't filled me up so I needed some sausages, and then I found a seagull skeleton to crunch on and be chased around the beach with!

Until next time.
Have a pawsome month