News from Dusty's Diary
September 2019

Hi Pals,
We’ve had an eventful few weeks.

The human has been very busy, and was packing loads of things away, including my spare bed and all my toys. This is it, I thought, we're going on a big holiday somewhere very exciting...only we weren't, the whole contents of our house was packed into a big van, and unpacked in a new house!

I thought this was great, and have especially enjoyed learning to navigate a rather steep set of stairs (I bunny hop down and then launch myself down the last three at once, delighted with myself every time).

But the best thing has been our new garden, it's like a jungle, and full of interesting sniffs and loads of tasty grass for munching on. I've even been allowed to help the human dig holes to plant vegetables, I wonder if humans plant them like we leave a tasty bone to mature in the soil?

Maybe I'll have to bury the next veggies they try to sneak into my food, and see if they are more tasty a few weeks later?

Until next time.
Have a pawsome month