News from Dusty's Diary
May 2018

Hi Readers,

She's been doing some training with me that seems to involve baiting me with sausages while on walkies, cos she says I'm sometimes an 'embarrassment' to be out with.

I have no idea what she's talking about.
I do remember some fab walkies where I hurdled a rather surprised large labradoodle, as he was running, to beat him to his ball!

Ah yes and there have been a few times I've chased surfers all the way into the sea. I find these people in their wetsuits carrying what appears to to be a body sized floating toy into the sea strangely fascinating, and am desperate to play with them.

The human says I'm lucky the labradoodle's owner saw the funny side of my hurdling, and that the surfers didn't seem to mind too much, but if I want to do off lead zoomies, I need to come back for some sausages instead of zooming off after surfers.

It seems like a pretty good deal.

I don't think the surfers could be even more tasty than sausages, even if I did manage to catch one!

Until next time.
Have a pawsome month