News from Dusty's Diary
March 2018

Hi Readers, As I've settled down, my human has been trying to think of some more things we can do together that I would enjoy.

There is a charity called Wag & Company, who organise dogs and their owners to visit older people who miss the company of a dog, and seen as I have turned into something of an attention seeking cuddle monster, she thought it might be something I'd enjoy, so she sent in the application and once her reference came back ok (phew!) off we went for my assessment...

As I went into the hall, there were so many interesting sniffs, and two huge Italian spinones sat at the opposite end. I wanted to say hello but I was good and stood quietly next to my human (nothing to do with the pocket full of treats she had, honest...). 

There were two nice ladies from WAG who were doing the assessment, and they kept fussing me all over, which was great and made me really happy.
Then they offered my human a biscuit, but not me!!
I had to be a good girl and wait for my own treat, which I did very well.

My human was so proud when she was told I had passed the assessment, and I knew I'd done well so I went in for a cheeky tug on my lead after being so good which made them all laugh at me.

I've come so far since being a bit scared of life outside the kennel, and even though I am still a bit norty sometimes, I'm so gentle and love my fusses. I can't wait to get started, an outing where I will be fussed and fed treats all the time! Sounds great to me!

Until next time.
Have a pawsome month