News from Dusty's Diary
June 2018

Hi Readers,
It seems spring has finally sprung, and it has brought with it woods and meadows full of tasty blighters perfectly placed for my walkies entertainment.

I couldn't contain myself when I saw what looked like little fluffy bunnies peeping away on the river and, without a moment's hesitation, launched myself into the water in an attempt to say a friendly hello.
I soon discovered that baby ducks are actually pretty good swimmers, and I sadly am not.
In fact my human questioned if I swam at all judging by the black mud coating me up to my belly.
It transpired that I had a small audience (who seemed to all be rooting for the ducklings...)
And so to cover up for my failed attempt to catch dinner in the river, I impressed the onlookers with a fabulous display of zoomies to dry myself off.

The human said I had managed to reach epic new levels of attention seeking behaviour, but at least:
1) all the ducklings survived and
2) I chose to wipe all the mud on her rather than a complete stranger.

I couldn't see the problem personally, I thought she smelt amazing!

Until next time.
Have a pawsome month