News from Dusty's Diary
July 2018

Hi folks,
I can hardly believe another month has flown by!

I've been busy enjoying my first summer with full off lead privileges, and the human has been walking my legs off.

My favourite trip recently was to an absolutely huge forest.
As soon as we had walked a little way, it felt like we had the place to ourselves, and that was where the fun really began.
You see, we weren't completely alone because the trees were teeming with squizzers!
I lost count of how many I nearly caught, I was running all over the place, but they kept escaping up the huge trees, where I stood and woofed to tell them to come back down immediately, but they were all sitting and laughing at me from their lofty perches!

Now what may have escaped your attention readers, is that the human was enjoying seeing me so excited, and had blindly followed me for a fair few guessed it, she was now completely lost!

I was in no hurry to cut short my outing, and in any case reckned that I could survive on squizzer meat for several days if needed.
I led her round for another couple of hours before we found some more humans who gave her directions to escape.
To be honest, I had put so many squizzers in their place, I was a bit tired by then too!

She has promised to take me back there, and this time I'm going to catch myself a snack, so squizzers beware!

Until next time.
Have a pawsome month