News from Dusty's Diary
August 2018

Hi folks,
In this month's diary, I'm going to focus on canine psychology in the manipulation of humans.

My human thinks I'm pretty intelligent, partly based on my responses to commands, which are generally to stop whatever I'm doing, and check she is holding a bag of snoissiges before responding. She's tried to fool me with a poo bag before, but I was having none of it!

I'm also very selective about the mischief I get up to, and how I go about opening the kitchen cupboards, but only when the human is upstairs! Well folks, this week I took things up a level when I stayed with her friend for a few hours.

I ran rings round this human, many of them with my snout shoved firmly in a box of her cat's kibble I had raided from the cupboard.
I also theived a pack of biscuits and several sachets of kitty's dinner...I heard something muttered likening me to a toddler with big teeth on a huge sugar rush.
If this was true, little humans really do have the bestest lives!

I think my human was embarrassed to be honest, so I may have pushed my luck slightly.
However it made her realise how I do keep her doling out the treats by keeping to her rules... however if I sense a naïve human, then they're fair game to have some fun with, right?!

Until next time.
Have a pawsome month