News from Dusty's Diary
January 2019

Hi Pals,
This has been a rather eventful few weeks for me (and for my human).

You may remember that last month I was at the vets having my leg stitched up after chasing things in the woods. Well this month, when the human was momentarily distracted, I squeezed through a barbed wire fence into a huge field I had been desperate to sniff around for ages.

But that was only the start, you see my human had to climb over a five foot gate to get into the field, and you guessed it, I refused point blank to go back through the fence. It was also starting to get very dark, and the human had just fallen flat on her face in a combination of cow pats and mud. She smelt amazing. This is the life I thought! She is finally realising what she has been missing out on all this time, so I joined her in the mud bath by jumping on top of her! Well folks, if you are ever in this situation, however much you want your human to roll around in the mud with you, I would advise allowing them to do it in their own terms...for some reason, she really didn't appear to be happy with me, I still don't understand why?

Next came the most undignified end to what had been a rather fun walkies in my opinion. Now you see, I'm a fairly big dog, and although I don't carry any excess weight, there was still well over 30kg of greyhound she was trying to heave over a gate nearly as tall as herself, as there was no other way out. Luckily, there was a lovely human on the other side of the fence who responded to her cries for help, and lowered me down on the other side. I'm sure the human would like to say I'd learnt an important lesson that evening, but all I can tell you is exactly where there is a gap in the fence that I can fit through, cos I eye it up every time we go past it now! !

Until next time.
Have a pawsome month