News from Dusty's Diary
December 2018

Hi folks,
What a month I've had! I started off as usual, sniffing everything and chasing things in the woods on walkies.
I was zooming through the trees, on the trail of a blighter, twisting and turning, jumping over and diving straight through the bushes...until my chase was cut short by a tree unexpectedly appearing in my path and jabbing itself into my leg. I made it back to the human, who really wasn't overly sympathetic and muttered something about not learning from my mistakes and vets bills.

I was lucky that my vets are so accommodating, and I was rushed straight there, where the I did the loudest Greyhound Scream of Death ever when they stitched the hole in my leg back together. But folks, the indignity was not yet over, as my human told them that I needed a cone of shame to stop me licking my wound.

It wasn't all bad, as I soon learnt to use the cone as a battering ram, and even managed to learn how to pick up scraps from the floor while wearing it!

Have I learnt from what happened?
Well, I'm a greyhound, in-between long snoozes on the sofa, one of my main goals in life is still to catch a squizzer!

Until next time.
Have a pawsome month