News from Dusty's Diary
April 2019

Hi Pals,
It's been a fantastic month, full of lots of long walkies, now the days are finally getting longer.
The human has been walking me so far I've been worried at times my paws were going to be worn away... someone said I'm going to end up looking like a daschund!

My favourite walkies are on the beach, when it is nice and quiet so I can enjoy chasing my ball wherever I like, and then lay down for a rest (while guarding my ball of course) before more zoomies.

But folks, I had the best ever walk a few days ago.
The human was being slightly... inattentive, and well on a walkies with me, she should have known better by now.

I managed to find the most amazing bog to run through, the mud was up to my shoulders and she could hear huge sucking noises as I made each bound further in. When I finally returned, the human asked why I refuse to go through a puddle, but now resembled a swamp monster?!

I just grinned and had a good shake before wiping myself on her trousers...

Until next time.
Have a pawsome month